My name is Christine, and I'm the creator of this website.

I've been a full-time transcriber for the last 8 years and love the flexibility it allows me to have with my family.

And yes, that's my husband and our two beautiful children.

Why did I Create This Website?

I’ve been working as a transcriber for roughly 8 years and there is a ton of bad websites out there that explain very little about becoming a transcriber for a living.  Sure, there are a lot of places that list transcription jobs, but what are the best strategies to be successful?  How can you make the most money?  Is it a feasible career path?  

I feel comfortable answering these questions, because I’ve done this successfully for such a long time.

Transcription Jobs Headquarters is your one-stop shop to everything about transcription. Whether you are just looking for your first transcription job, or you want to understand how to advance as a transcriber, my website is here to help.

Transcription services are always in demand and is one of the few jobs where you can legitimately work from home.

I understand that many of my website visitors are looking to try transcription for the first time don’t understand exactly what’s needed or how the entire process works.

Additionally, I also know that many of my visitors who have been completing transcription jobs for a long time could use additional tools and resources to become more efficient.

This is why Transcription Jobs Headquarters was created – to help guide you to being a more successful transcriber.