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What Field of Transcription Are You Interested In?

General Transcription


Corporate Transcription

Corporate transcription jobs cover everything from transcribing the minutes of board meetings, group/section meetings, memos, letters and other things that take place in a corporate setting.

Data Entry

Data Entry Transcription

Data Entry Transcription is all about taking information and inputting it into a computerized format. For instance, you may get a document that is hand written that needs to be transcribed into excel.


Financial Transcription

A financial transcriptionist is a person who transcribes company audio files such as earnings calls, press conferences, annual meetings, speeches, analyst interviews, and company reports.

Work From Home

Work From Home Transcription

The work from home transcriptionist often is not tied to any one client. This is for someone who is willing to transcribe anything and enjoys a variety of tasks instead of being focused on one area.


Legal Transcription

Legal transcription jobs typically require case typing or recordings that are created in the legal industry. These could be notes to or from lawyers, contracts, interviews,  and customer information.

Offline Captioning

Offline Captioning

Offline captioning transcription is done on TV shows that are pre-recorded and not shown live. The transcriptionist will transcribe a show which will later be displayed on screen during the show.

Real-Time Transcription


Court Transcription

A court reporter transcriptionist generally transcribes while people are speaking. The trial transcripts, depositions transcripts and other such important things are typed out as the person is speaking.


Cart Transcription

Often used in educational and legal settings, this real-time transcription will be displayed on a computer screen with a less than 2 second delay between typing and display for the hearing impaired.


Real Time Transcription

Real-Time transcription is typically used on live television, or sometimes companies will use this instead of offline captioning to reduce production time.  As people speak, the transcriber types.

Medical Transcription


Cart Transcription

When we go to a doctor, we know that all the information from the visit becomes part of our medical record. Medical Transcriptionists help to update these records and maintain their accuracy. 

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