Schools for Medical Transcription

Schools for Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is a much more specialised job than general transcription and the transcriptionist is expected to have advanced knowledge in this field. This can be gained only through training and experience. Unlike general transcription in which the transcriptionist often works on business seminars, coaching lessons and other general topics, in medical transcription the dictations almost always comprise of advanced medical terminology in varying fields of specialization.

There is no scope for error in the transcripts because these form the basis for insurance claims and other very important transactions for the clients. Such a high level of accuracy can only be attained through experience, but very often clients look for experienced transcriptionists. This is especially true in the case of hospitals and diagnostic centers. Medical transcription schools can help you in equipping you with the requisite skills sculpt you to be successful in this lucrative career.

This blog post looks into the various aspects of training for medical transcriptionists and also the various schools for medical transcription in the US and also online. The blog has been divided into the following three subheadings.

  • Need for training
  • What you gain from medical transcription schools and
  • Schools for medical transcription

Need for training

Training is essential to be successful in any profession but in the case of medical transcription it is an absolute necessity. Even if a person has excellent listening skills and good command over the language, he cannot be a successful medical transcriptionist unless he is trained in the various formats and also terminologies that are commonly used in medical dictations.

What you gain from medical transcription schools

Medical training schools have their own structured modules for training which can vary from school to school but all training in medical transcription will introduce the students to the medical terminologies that are in common use and various safeguards to adhere to when dealing with confidential client medical data. The training module prepares the transcriptionist to work in an HIPAA compliant environment which is very important.

Most of the hospitals or physicians look for medical transcriptionists experienced in working in HIPAA-compliant environments so as to protect their patient data. The medical transcription schools also ensure that the transcriptionists understand the importance of accuracy of transcripts. It is always a good idea to check whether the program that you choose to enrol is accredited. Although it is not always a mandatory requirement, it can help you to get your first job faster. The courses can vary from certificate courses to diploma courses and the duration and the syllabi can also varty from school to school.

Schools for medical transcription

A number of schools and community colleges offer courses in medical transcription. You may visit the college website and understand the details of the course structure before enrolling for one. A number of courses are available online also. Below is a list of medical transcription schools.


  1. Alexandria Technical College
  2. Andrews School
  3. Central Texas College
  4. Mayland Community College
  5. Richland Community College
  6. Saint Paul College

The list is not all inclusive but includes some of the most reputed institutions providing training in the field of medical transcription. If you think you have good listening skills and the ability to understand medical terms used in various contexts you can think of medical transcription as a lucrative career for you.

A trained medical transcriptionist is always sought after by hospitals and physicians all over the world. Even with the development of speech recognition software there has been no dearth of medical transcription jobs because no physician would like to take the risk of working with inaccurate medical records.