Entry level transcription jobs

Entry level transcription jobs

In this blog post, we will cover the following:

  • What  is transcribing?
  • Can everyone transcribe?
  • What is an entry level transcription job?
  • Where can one find entry level transcription jobs?

What exactly is transcribing?

First and foremost, we need to figure out what transcribing is, or what it means to transcribe. Transcribing in the very literal meaning of the word refers to the writing down of data, thoughts or speech. Most of the time, however, when we hear the word transcribe, it refers to writing down what another person is saying. The accuracy of the transcription refers to how well the speech is being grasped by the transcriber, and then written down. In the field of transcribing, a lot of emphasis is placed on such accuracy, the transcription must usually be word for word.

Can everyone transcribe?

So let’s try and decide whether or not anyone can transcribe a speech. For the purpose of transcription, probably the most significant element of expertise one needs is an enormous attention span along with a pair of very keen ears. Literally! As we found out above, due to the fact that transcribing requires a speech to be written exactly as it has been spoken, ears and attentiveness, both are a must. Let’s say for example a particular transcription job requires one to watch and listen to a gym instructional video; given that such videos are usually five to ten minutes, one would need to last that long to get all the speech to text correctly. And believe me when I tell you, five to ten minutes may not seem like much, but when it comes to transcribing, it is A LOT!

In addition to the two primary attributes, a good transcriber has proficient English grammar and vocabulary. For the most part English, however, the language depends on the language the speech is being spoken. To understand what is being said, one first needs to be familiar with the vocabulary.

What is an entry level transcription job?

By this time we probably already know what a transcription job is. Let’s make sure.

A transcription job is a job that requires you to transcribe thoughts, data or a speech (Word for word).

Therefore, an entry level transcription job is one that is being offered on the assumption that the employee is beginning work as a transcriber to get him/her going. As the term very clearly seems to suggest, an “entry” level transcription job is for an employee “entering” the field of transcribing. Naturally, the work load, nature and content of the speech perhaps, would be of a mediocre nature so as to allow for the employee to work his/her way up. It takes time to grasp and hone the key attributes of transcribing, but once these skills are adopted and polished, transcribing a ten minute video is like a breeze.

Where can one find entry level transcription jobs?

A major chunk of the all transcription jobs, ranging from instructional videos to speeches, are outsourced by the respective companies. Most of these transcription jobs go to freelancers on the web. There are a lot of popular websites out there on the World Wide Web that allow for a billion opportunities for people looking for entry level transcription jobs.  Elance.com is one of the best place to look if you’re struggling to find listings, you can also check out the job listings here on this website. The nature of these entry level transcription jobs vary from every individual client and his/her requirements, most of these are videos.

So if you are looking for entry level transcription jobs,  keep a look out for a good opportunity and be patient.