AMT Certified transcription Settings

AMT Certified Transcription Program

Transcription can be defined as the process of converting audio recordings into typed documents. Although for a layman it is just typing out dictations, the job entails detailed knowledge in various spheres as also the ability to find out correct words relating to specific contexts in the audio. Thus, it can be seen that the job of a transcriptionist is not a generalized one but a specialist job. This is more so in the case of medical transcription where accuracy is of paramount importance because a medical transcriptionist deals with very sensitive and confidential patient medical records and hence there is absolutely no room for errors. This requires the medical transcriptionist to be qualified in this field. This article looks into the various aspects of the AAMT certified Transcription Program which equips the transcriptionist to face the challenges in this career.

This blog has been divided into three main areas pertaining to AAMT

  • What is AAMT Certification?
  • Requirements for AAMT certification.
  • Advantages of being AAMT certified

What is AAMT Certification?

AAMT is an acronym for American association for Medical Transcription. This was set up to ensure very high standards both for practicing health professionals as well for in the field of health education. AAMT has been rechristened The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). The AAMT certification guarantees that the transcriptionist acquires the relevant experience in dealing with medical data and is able to transcribe physician dictations as per required standards. The most important aspect of AAMT certification is that it also ensures that the transcriptionist understand the importance of client data confidentiality and is equipped to work in an HIPAA compliant environment.

Requirements for AAMT certification.

The AAMT curriculum has been designed in such a way the transcriptionist becomes well versed in the various nuances of this profession. It is mandatory that the school conducting the AAMT course provides at least thirty-five hours of dictation from the medical field to the students to transcribe and edit. It is also mandatory that a minimum of one Certified Medical Transcriptionist is involved in the whole training program. A standard style guide has been issued by the ADHI and all AAMT programs are expected to follow the style. There is a variety of options for aspiring professionals in this field to continue their training and get higher qualifications. Trainees can join for distance learning programs, vocational schools or even colleges to continue their education in this field to get better certifications. The most important of these certifications is the level two ADHI which gives them the Certified Medical Transcriptionist certificate which is valid for two years. Those aspiring for CMT are expected to have advanced knowledge in the field of medical transcription and also strong editing skills and hence it is advised that only professionals with at least two years of experience in the field ay appear for this certification. There are a lot of online courses through which the CMTs can continue their education. All AAMT examinations are conducted at Kryterion testing centers located in colleges across the United States.

Advantages of being AAMT certified

All programs of the AAPMT are designed to enhance the knowledge of the transcriptionist and hence getting certified from AAMT would mean that you are gearing up to face the challenges in this field. This would greatly enhance your self confidence and thus help you to perform better.

Clients are always on the lookout for qualified medical transcriptionists and AAMT certification stands out as the most sought after qualification. In many hospitals AAMT certification is mandatory to apply for the post of transcriptionists. Most physicians also would like to have their dictations transcribed by qualified transcriptionists. AAMT certification can also be of great help for transcriptionists trying to start a career online. AAMT certification can give you more bargaining power when you discuss with a client online.

Medical transcription is a very lucrative career if you have good listening and typing skills. AAMT certification is the first step towards developing a successful career in this field.